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This is a list of notable and commonly used emoticons or textual portrayals of a writer's moods. However, an equal sign, a number 8, and a capital letter B are also used interchangeably to re. Description: This happy person is giving high five to someone. It may be used in online chat or online gaming to congratulate another person.Keyboard symbols (shortcut codes for text symbols and characters) Keyboard. . 益 looks more like a real house, although it's actually some Chineese letter.ENGLISH US LARGE LETTERS KEYBOARD STICKERS NON. High-quality stickers for different keyboards Desktop, Laptop and Notebook such as: Sony, . Apr 1, 2013 . By using your letters and punctuation on your keyboard to make an. When typing an emoticon, omit the space bar between characters (otherwise, it might just look like random punctuation and letters).. . High five!!! :^)You can add emoticons in the conversation window by using keyboard shortcuts.. Turtle. (tu). Sun. (#). Rainbow. (R) or (r). High five! (h5). Fingers crossed. (yn) . For the full explanation of these five points, see the January 2003 newsletter at programs-from the word-processing software Microsoft Word to the high-end. To type the letter e with the acute accent, as you would need in the Spanish name . The letters that are typeing numbers with num lock on are U, I, O, P, J, K,. On this keyboard, try toggling numlock scrolllock and capslock a few . A high five occurs when two people slap a single hand. A high ten, commonly called "give me ten", is when two people raise both hands and slap them together .
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