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a text penis with text balls others include: B====D~~~, B====D~~~(), B===D~~O: , and the one baller b====D. well u can B===D~~O: bOOm437. by hottie#9 . keyboard faces. What is the most creative face you can make with the keys on your keyboard?. … (O.O)_____( I )()------ ←--dick goes in butt its not pretty ll llNov 24, 2014 . You access it just like you would your Emoji or any other keyboard, except. . I am willing to bet that penis drawings comprise 99% of the traffic . Mar 23, 2013 . Need some spice for your emails? Just send this penis unicode symbol! Have you got any questions about this 18+ unicode symbol? ask about . How to make penis using a keyboard on a jetta 2001 vr6 Poems about soldiers training basic Facebook lettering symbols What is gfn tab 600 pheny Sony 50 e . Jun 30, 2015 . . Eggplant Isn't The Only Unexpectedly Naughty iMessage Character. Unless the penis or penis-shaped toy you're putting in your mouth is . Nov 18, 2014 . Guaranteed you've been that girl or been in a conversation with that girl who's like, “Ugh, I just wish there was a penis Emoji!” Like hell you do.Oct 19, 2015 . “Yeah, I was on Tinder and I couldn't find the right penis emoji so I had to butt phone and self-stimulating-penis-vagina-snake, as seen below.You've Been Good to Us" as part of the Horribleville series, which featured an artist who illustrates the Dick Butt character after being scolded for wasting tree .

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