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Compare and contrast human and fish internal organs, structures, and. .. Tell students that each dissection group will compete with each other in a game. Give.Aug 26, 2013 . Games and play are a bit of a guilty pleasure in our part of the world, but there are many reasons to consider play therapeutic and one of the  are dissecting. • Option: Some independent education suppliers, education supply stores, and science education catalogues carry cloth fish, salmon anatomy.Students will relate this information to fishing. Motivation: Observing dissection, team game. Materials: 2 dead fish for dissection, 2 scissors/scalpels/filet . Fish - Diversity and Dissection. Of course the students identify it as a fish, but then ask them how they know it is a fish.. Play the game - Fish or Not a Fish. Most fish farms tanks are circular, because this allows for the best water flow. Dissection Game. The goal in this game is to dissect a female salmon.. You will be guided through the dissection process and the game will direct you to which tool . Salmon Dissection. If you like dissection games, probably you will like this game. You have to dissect a Fish. Have Fun!!! Play Game. Favorite Loading . A lite game which shows you how to dissect a frog and identify the organs Use. Welcome to surgery-games.org, The patients are prepped up and ready for the . Apr 20, 2012 . A piece of expression: interactive game on how to dissect a female salmon Kelsey and Brianna.
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